BTC Payments

Permissionless payment without intermediaries

klokit enables you to receive payment in Bitcoin (BTC), directly to your own wallet, with no invasive KYC/AML procedures required.

Step 1 : generate a unique BTC payment URL for a Project.
Step 2 : forward the URL to your client.
Step 3 : your client sends BTC direct to your wallet.

Real time BTC exchange rate

Our BTCPay Server solves the problem of fluctuating exchange rates by calculating the BTC value at the moment of payment.

Thus, the Bitcoin value you receive will always be accurate.

No personal information required

Because payment passes directly from your client's Bitcoin wallet to your own, there is no requirement for third party processing, and therefore no reason for us to demand proof of your identity.

Zero Transaction Fees

We do not charge commission on your BTC transactions.*
You receive every single satoshi of the BTC value of each Project.

* Sshhh ... don't tell everyone, but ... system credits are used only when creating Tasks.
This means that you could use klokit to create an empty Project, assign a value to it, send the Project's BTC Payment URL to your Client and receive shiny Bitcoin in return, having spent not a single cent.