Unfettered flexibility

klokit was developed to fit with the fluctuations of freelance life.

Freelancing is both a liberating and a precarious endeavour. It provides the freedom to choose your hours. The flip side is that income can be inconsistent.

During periods when you are not working, paying a Monthly Fee to not use a project management service makes little financial sense.

No monthly fees

Instead of monthly fees, klokit users buy credits to create Tasks.
You pay only when you actually use the service.

Top-up Package EUR €/Task
75 credits 15.00 0.20
200 credits 30.00 0.15
500 credits* 60.00 0.12

This means that you could in theory use klokit to manage a couple of Projects, never make another payment, but still be able to access your Account and data for as long as the service remains available.

No use-by date

Credits have no expiry period.

You will always be able to access your Account, regardless of whether you have any credits remaining.
* 500 is approximately the number of tasks that the creator of klokit, a freelance programmer, used on an annual basis. €5.00 per month is a pretty good deal, no ?